Vocabulary Resource Page

    This is a vocabulary resource page for my classes:

    On-Line Dictionaries:
    1. Weblio
    Good for: Pronunciation, important information, word frequency, derivations
    Good for learning the meaning of the words in Japanese as well as the meanings of phrases that uses the words in Japanese. You can also register on this site and quiz yourself on the words that you have looked up.

    2. goo辞書
    English Learner Dictionaries
    These dictionaries have many example sentences and good explanations for the words. If you really want to learn a word I suggest that you try them.

    1. Longman Contemporary Dictionary for English Learners
    Good for: Other forms, word frequency, derivations. example sentences

    2. Oxford Dictionary for English Learners

    3. Macmillan Dictionary
    Good for: Pronunciation, important information, example sentences, word frequency
    This has very good examples for how to use the words. It will also give you the pronunciation symbols for the words. It will also tell you whether or not a word is frequently used.

    Word Frequency
    1. Tells the frequency of a particular word
    Good for: Word frequency

    2. ダウンロードファイル:"awlsublists.rtf"
    This tells you the most frequent words in academic texts.

    Vocabulary Sheet <<Download the Vocabulary Sheet Here!!!>
    For classes that are using vocabulary sheets: You can download a vocabulary sheet from here and type words into it if you would like.


    Vocabulary Sheet Record Pages
    Comprehensive English Ⅱ(Advanced) Students: To see which vocabulary sheets we have written, go to the CE2 Vocabulary Sheet Record Page

    IPU Students: To see which vocabulary sheets you should have, go to the IPU Vocabulary Sheet Record Page