Welcome to the English Education Department!

In the English Education Department, students can specialize in English Education, English Linguistics or English Literature. The Department offers short-term teaching internship programs abroad, a study abroad program, and numerous chances to visit schools in Iwate.

International Programs

Teaching Internships in Thailand

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English Department Research and Student Generated Knowledge

Thesis Presentations

Every year in February, English Education Department students present their undergraduate thesis research. Click on the links below to see the topics.


Read student ePortfolios to see learn about the experiences teaching English in Japan and other countries.

English Teaching Methodology Knowledge Base

Click on the picture to visit the English Teaching Methodology Knowledge Base written by English Department Students

Teaching in Bangkok Schools

Click on the picture to learn about teaching at Schools in Bangkok

English Department Research Journal

The English Education Department has its own journal publishing research by its faculty members and students and researchers affiliated with the Department.

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