2023 Presentation of Graduate Theses

A study of Universal Design for Learning (Ito Rui) Rui argued that students have diversity and need to provide various methods to encourage students to learn.  Based on his background research, he shows various activities and methods to facilitate the learning of various students.  A study of Harry Potter (Onodera Minami) Minami compared the original English Novel of Harry Potter with the original English movie. She found that the movie and the novel added data and omitted it. This was influenced by the characteristics of each media. Comparing novels and movies, movies are suppressed by time pressure, but novels can be written in detail. She also found that Japanese to […]

2022 Presentation of Theses

Our presentations were held on February 2, 2022. Below are the titles of the presentations and simple notes on the content. Please note that these simple notes do not constitute a summary. Effectiveness of CLIL in Japanese Elementary School (Shinya Abe) Mr. Abe collected 34 lesson plans and analyzed them from the perspective of CLIL. He provided suggestions about the kinds of lessons in which CLIL can be applied. Positive Experiences for Enhancement of L2 Ideal Self (Saki Onodera) Ms. Onodera analyzed what kind of experiences helped students develop their L2 Ideal Self images. She found that influential inside-the class-experiences were meeting an ALT and influential out-of-class experiences were achieving […]

2021 Presentation of Theses

The Class of 2020-2021 Graduate Thesis Presentations were held on February 5th, 2021. There were a total of 26 speakers, which was likely one of the largest group of speakers we have had! This year, all the students handouts were given online. The title of the presentations and order of speakers is below. The original program has been removed. Listeners could also give comments and ask questions on this page. These comments can be seen below. Video of Presentations Program Yurina Chiba (13:05 – 13:12) Sarina Chiba (14:35 – 14:42) Kota Abe (16:05 – 16:12) BREAK Tsubasa Ito (13:15 – 13:22) BREAK Koga Suzuki (16:25 – 16:32) Tomoyuki Takahashi (13:25 […]

2020 Graduate Thesis Presentations

A Study of Early English Education Ms. Sayane Ishikawa Early English education means English learning before junior high school. She researched the impact that English conversation schools had on children’s English learning. First she discussed the merits of English for young learners. Those who studied English as young learners had higher motivation, higher grades in reading and writing, as well as more confidence. She also researched whether or not people agreed with early English education. 77.5% of the people agreed with early English education. Sayane thought that early English education was effective because of exposure as well as the conducting of a TBLT. A Comparison of Elementary and Junior High […]

January, 2020: How much English do you need to study at NCC (Koga S.)

A Possible Worst-case Scenario of Studying Abroad               Hello, guys. Today’s topic is “How much English you need to have before studying abroad”.  You can’t avoid getting ahead of yourself and stumbling your way through studying abroad unless your English is up to the required standard already. That being said, please do not drink Kool-Aid as this is just my two cents. It’s a no-brainer that you guys have the final say in the first place. I recommend you to take my opinion with a grain of salt that you can get to the heart of the matter and cut it in many different ways by yourself, which is the […]

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