NCC Lives 2: The beginning of the semester for Tomoyuki!

Two months have passed since I came to North Central College. At first, I felt anxiety so much because I did not have enough confidence in my English skills. But now, I am enjoying learning at NCC.

I take English class, writing class, teaching ESL, which is bilingual education class and badminton class. For me, writing class is the most difficult. There are only two international students and the class is for the United State students who want to study their first language more. In this class, I am learning how to write academically and how to analyze. I have just written about how the homeless by using logos, ethos and pathos. At the start, I totally could not understand how to write because the professor spoke so fast and I could not understand the meaning of three words. So, I asked the professor and my friends a lot. As my English skills, especially listening and speaking, got better, I could understand what I had to write and I managed to complete the essay. Finally, I could get 88 score which I was satisfied with. Also, my professor gave complement, and now I am doing well in writing class though it is still difficult for me.

There are many differences in the class system between Iwate university and NCC. I was amazed by the model of classes. For example, there are around 10 students in the English class and ESL class. This small class benefits for professors and students to learn. For professors, it is easy to assist students. In ESL class, my professor recognized that I had difficulty in the class, and she recommended me to record class and gave e-mails after class. These supports made me feel relax because I was aware of her carefulness. I had many chances to ask her what I could not make sense of. I have opportunity to ask not only this class but also other classes. I really appreciate professors’ encouragement and it is one of the motivations for studying.

During the classes, I have a lot of chance to output, discussion time and presentations. Except badminton class, I have many opportunities to explain my opinion. It was so difficult for me at first because I had to read books or articles which had more than 10 pages, and this task was huge challenge for me. Sometimes, I could not finish reading so I could not enjoy group workings. As I read lots of articles, I could read fast and I was be able to do skimming well. It made me think about my views more and I could state my opinions more in the classes. I found doing output is an essential skill for students. Usually, I do not have chance to share my opinions, group-work, and presentations.

So, I do not think about issues deeply, however, in this university, I have to explain my opinions and I always think and understand other members’ opinion. I mean my brain is always working. These active classes are beneficial for me in both thinking deeply and memorizing. I like NCC classes very much.

Besides that, I help Japanese class. In the class, we learn Japanese culture, read comic books, and study grammar. To help Japanese learners is useful for my future career, and sometimes it is difficult for me to explain. I realize I also have to learn Japanese more. Moreover, they also help my English skills, especially writing. They revise my essays and give me tips to write better.

Not only Japanese learners, I got so many friends in the NCC. Some of them are international students including Japanese freshmen. We hang out and play sports, enjoy talking, and teach our mother languages. It was very difficult to listen their speaking because the pronunciations and stresses were very different.

In brief, my English skills are getting better and I enjoy discussion and group-work in the class. I got many friends and I enjoy NCC lives with them very much. Still, I am struggling with English, so I want to keep progressing in learning.

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