Information for NCC Study 2020 -2021

About NCC

NCC is a 4-year liberal arts college founded in 1861. It has more than 100 majors and programs from which undergraduates can choose! It also has an English Language Institute for international students. The English Department at the Faculty of Education has and NCC have had an exchange program since 2004. For the 2020 – 2021 academic year (Starting in August, 2020), there is an opportunity for two students to study at NCC for one or two semesters.

Basic Information
  • Number of students: About 3000
  • Student backgrounds: 26 states, 20 countries
  • Standard class size: 19
  • Faculty to Student ratio: 1:14
  • Location: Naperville, Illinois
  • Home page:
2019-2020 Academic Calendar (For Reference)

Schedule and Application Process

June, 2019: Explanation
December, 2019 – January, 2020: Candidates confirm requirements
February, 24, 2020: Submit to James your official “intent to apply.” Which should include

  • A cover letter stating your intention to apply and explaining why you are a good candidate
  • Your transcript
  • A copy of your most recent TOEFL/IELTS (?) Score

March 1, 2020: Candidates are chosen.
April 2, 2020: Submit application materials to NCC
April 21, 2020: Official decision from NCC
May – June, 2020: Apply for student visa
mid-July, 2020: Send forms to NCC
August 9(?), 2020: Go to NCC!

Necessary Qualifications/ Characteristics

  • A solid academic record (A GPA of over 2.3).
  • Sufficient English proficiency to take university classes in the US.
  • Independent: The NCC program supervisors will support students who want to study at NCC. However, the candidate should be able to get everything done without being told to do something. In addition the candidate should be able to think about how to do the difficult tasks necessary to enter NCC before asking for help. This includes:
    • handling the challenges of the application process for NCC (visa, medical records, etc.)
    • planning their stay at NCC (Look at the online course catalogue, determine what they will do for the vacations, decide what they want to research).
    • understanding their remaining required credits for graduating before and after going to NCC and how this impacts the timing of their graduation.
  • A JASSO scholarship might be available, but the applicant should understand the expenses and have a plan for funding their stay in case they cannot get one. Decisions about whether the applicant can receive a scholarship will be made between June and August.

Additional Information and Resources

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